Standard RCF Removable Cushion Foot

RCF technology simply transmits the shock from the entire load in
compression from steel-to-rubber-to-steel. That means reduced wear and damage to the cargo, trailer, and landing gear.

Heavy-Duty Cast Steel Cap with Gasket Seal

Robust cast cap withstands the abuse encountered
when stacking trailers. An extra thick gasket, instead
of susceptible silicone sealant, keeps grease in and
contaminants out, especially when stacked upside down.

Double Lip Shaft Seals

Long life premium double lip seals keep grease in and
contaminants out, including water typically prevalent in
port environments. Seals prevent leaking when chassis
trailer is stored or transported upside down.

Internal Gear Train

Completely internal gear train prevents damage to the
landing gear when stacking or transporting multiple
chassis trailers. Heavy-duty steel gears with precision
machining for smooth gear meshing and long life
performance. Designed for easy and immediate gear
engagement when shifting between high and low
gear—no neutral gear.

Patented Twin-Bulkhead with FloatingNut™*

Sandwiched between the upper and lower TwinBulkheads,
the FloatingNut™ prevents damage to the
elevating screw when the leg experiences excessive
side loading. The unique Twin-Bulkhead is designed to
provide additional structural strength to the top of the
lower leg for resistance to side-load forces when leg is
fully extended.

NoLube™ Sealed Lubrication Tube

A sealed lube tube completely surrounds the elevating
screw. The NoLube™ feature ensures a smooth and
efficient cranking experience by lubricating the elevating
screws every time the legs are raised and lowered.

Universal 10-Bolt Mounting Plate

10-Bolt plate keeps leg square and securely attached to chassis trailer. Universal mounting plate bolt pattern for easy upgrade to the SATURN 62 iM™

Crank Hangers

Optional crank hangers are available for your landing gear.

Sand Shoe with Solid-Steel Axle

Heavy-Duty low profile Sand Shoe with solid-steel axle meets the durability demand of container chassis trailer applications.

2' Low Profile Kit w/Solid-Steel Axle - SS-LG007902
Shoe Only - 50616008